Atlantic Radiology Conference

Friday Oct 12
5:30 pm Opening reception TBA
8:00 pm Close
Saturday Oct 13
7:30 am Registration and Breakfast sponsored by Flaim Wolsey Hall
8:00 am Intro and Welcome Dr. E. Ashley Wiley
8:10 am Manchester lecture – Fracture Complications
Dr. Mark Schweitzer
8:55 am Potential sponsor draw
9:00 am Knee injury: biomechanical approach Dr. William Palmer
9:45 am Social Break
10:15 am Radiology talk Dr. William Leslie
11:00 am Potential sponsor draw
11:05 pm Radiology talk  Dr. Sabrina Covert
11:50 pm NSAR working lunch – AGM – Annual Business Meeting
12:50 pm Radiology talk  Dr. Michael Mitchell
1:35 pm Potential sponsor draw
1:40 pm Radiology talk TBA
2:25 pm Social break
2:55 pm MSK Infections Dr. Mark Schweitzer
3:40 pm Potential sponsor draw
3:45 pm Groin pain: hip & pelvis MRI Dr. William Palmer
4:30 pm Adjourn lectures for the day
6:30pm Dinner & Social da Maurizio restaurant
Sunday Oct 14
7:30 am Breakfast
8:00 am Update from Canadian Association of Radiologists TBA
8:15 am Radiology talk Dr. Patrick Slipp
9:00 am Potential sponsor draw
9:05 am Radiology talk TBA
9:50 am Social break
10:20 am Pathophysiology and imaging of bone metastasis Dr. Mark Schweitzer
11:05 am Potential sponsor draw
11:10 am Royal College lecture – Shoulder: glenohumeral instability
Dr. William Palmer
11:55 am Awards Ceremony Dr. E. Ashley Wiley
12:00 pm Adjourn Dr. E. Ashley Wiley