ISCD Course

The ISCD Bone Densitometry course, Osteoporosis Essentials, has been accredited as 13.5 Category A Credit for full day attendance/participation.

Friday Oct 12

Technologists and Radiologists combined lectures
7:30 am Breakfast
8:00 am Introduction
8:10 am Overview of Osteoporosis
9:00 am Bone Measurement Device Operating Principles, Radiation Safety
10:00 am Social break
10:15 am Principles of DXA Interpretation
Technologists ONLY stream Radiologists ONLY stream
11:20 am Lecture 1: DXA Practice Management 11:20 am Diagnosis of Osteoporosis
12:10 pm Lunch 12:20 pm Lunch
12:50 pm DXA Practice Management cont’d 1:05 pm Fracture Risk
1:30 pm Femur & Forearm Scans 2:05 pm Monitoring Treatment of Osteoporosis
3:00 pm Social break 2:55 pm Social break
3:15 pm Lumbar Spine Scans-Elements Critical to Quality 3:10 pm Principles of DXA Reporting
4:15 pm Supplemental DXA Applications 4:10 pm Case review
5:00 pm Day 1 Close 5:00 pm Closing remarks

Saturday Oct 13

7:30 am Breakfast
Technologists ONLY
8:00 am Application of DXA Tools & Software features
8:30 am Scan Interpretation & Fracture Risk Assessment
9:15 am Clinical Management of the Osteoporotic Patient
10:15 am Atrium
10:30 am Clinical Application
11:00 am Technical Cases
12:00 pm Closing remarks

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