54th Annual Atlantic Radiology Conference

Eastport returns as Gold Sponsor

We are happy to be once again joined by Eastport Financial Group at the conference this year. Founded in 2004, Eastport is a leader in providing customized disability, life and critical illness insurance as well as tailored investment management solutions to medical professionals. We believe that helping educate our clients to make informed decisions around their financial matters, we are building meaningful, lifelong relationships and that’s what we value most. Whether you are a resident, practicing physician or getting ready to retire, we can help. Our team of specialists consists of Financial Planners, Chartered Financial Analysts, Private Bankers, Actuaries and Chartered Accountants.

October 4-6 2019

Halifax Convention Centre
Market Street, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Contact Us

Nova Scotia Association of Radiologists
1796 Summer Street
3rd Floor, Room 3510
Halifax, NS, B3H 3A7

Phone: 902.473.7943

Conference Chair
Dr. E. Ashley Wiley

Conference Coordinator
Krista Whitehouse

Conference location: